• Meningococcal B
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Who is recommended to be vaccinated against meningococcal B disease?

MenB is routinely recommended for these groups:

  • People age 10 years and older who have functional or anatomic asplenia (including sickle cell disease)
  • People age 10 years and older who have persistent complement component deficiency (an immune system disorder) or who take a complement inhibitor (examples include eculizumab [Soliris, Alexion Pharmaceuticals] and ravulizumab [Ultomiris, Alexion Pharmaceuticals])
  • People age 10 years and older who are exposed during an outbreak caused by serogroup B
  • Microbiologists who work with meningococcal isolates in a laboratory

For adolescents and young adults not otherwise at increased risk for meningococcal B disease, ACIP recommends that a MenB series may be administered to people 16 through 23 years of age (preferred age 16 through 18 years) on the basis of shared clinical decision-making. The shared clinical decision-making recommendation allows the clinician and patient to decide together based upon the risks and benefits of vaccination for the individual patient.

Last reviewed: March 24, 2024

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