Responding to Parents: Resources & Information

In healthcare settings across the nation, healthcare professionals are called upon to attest to the safety of vaccines, the importance of vaccination, and the potentially grave consequences of failure to vaccinate. This section provides background information and practical resources that will help them confidently discuss immunization with parents.

Materials for Providers

Need Help Responding to Vaccine-Hesitant Parents?

A list of science-based materials available from respected organizations.

Materials for Vaccine Recipients

Record of Vaccine Declination

This form provides documentation of parental refusal to vaccinate

Top Ten Reasons To Protect Your Child by Vaccinating

This handout gives parents top ten reasons to protect children by vaccinating

Reliable Sources of Immunization Information: Where Parents Can Go to Find Answers!

Handout listing’s top choices for reliable information.

More From

Printable resources and links to partner organizations to help you address hesitancy related to vaccination-related anxiety.

Printable resources designed to help healthcare professionals in all aspects of immunization practice. experts answer challenging questions about vaccines.

Information sheets produced by CDC that explain both the benefits and risks of a vaccine to vaccine recipients.

Real-life accounts of suffering and loss.

From our affiliated site, information about the importance of vaccines and answers to many common questions.



Reassuring information about the safety of multiple vaccinations.

Some of the topics many parents ask about plus tips for how to answer their questions.

Information for parents about vaccine schedules, diseases vaccines prevent, preparing for vaccine visits, and common questions about vaccines.

Trusted Organizations

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

A handy refusal to vaccinate form to duplicate or adapt, with additional resources for pediatricians.

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

A summary of the guidance for family physicians (published in Canadian Family Physician) addresses vaccine hesitancy and provides tips and resources for talking with parents.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Vaccine Education Center (VEC)

A variety of materials and resources to address vaccine-related questions and concerns.

Parents PACK is a monthly email newsletter written for parents that addresses vaccine topics and commonly asked questions.

Free, award-winning mobile app for parents about vaccines.

History of Vaccines (The College of Physicians of Philadelphia)

Tells the compelling history of vaccination, from pre-Jennerian times to modern-day innovations in vaccines.

National Academy of Medicine

A 2012 analysis of more than 1,000 research articles concludes that few health problems are caused by or clearly associated with vaccines.

Based on the review of clinical and epidemiological studies, a 2012 study concludes the thimerosal and the MMR vaccine are not associated with autism.


How to discuss vaccines with hesitant parents.

Additional Resources

Data shows participation in social media reinforces one’s beliefs about vaccination, no matter what those beliefs are. (Pediatrics, September 1, 2016)

By Michael J. Deem, PhD. (Nursing, December 2017)

A blog hosted by Vaccinate Your Family where people come to discuss news and views on vaccines.


Video FAQs

In this series of brief video clips from Vaccinate Your Family, Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Mark Sawyer, Ms. Alison Singer, and Dr. Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco, experts in the field of immunizations and infectious disease, reply to common questions about vaccines and when they are needed.

Talking About Vaccines with Dr. Paul Offit

A series of videos, each about two to four minutes in length, during which Dr. Offit of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia answers individual questions related to vaccines.

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