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Fainting Related to Vaccination: What You Need to Know

A 1-page handout for patients and caregivers describes symptoms of fainting (syncope), how it can occur around vaccination, how to reduce the risk of vaccination-related fainting, and what to do if someone faints during vaccination

Updated on: 7/31/23
Language: English

Sample Vaccine Policy Statement

This sample vaccine policy statement is for pediatric providers to adapt and share their commitment to immunization with patients and parents

Updated on: 1/3/24
Language: English

Vaccinations Are Safe: Explaining Why

Reviews the scientific evidence favoring routine vaccination, segmented by safety, components, compensation, the reasoning underlying vaccine policy, and other topics

Updated on: 11/15/22
Language: English

Vaccines Work!

CDC statistics demonstrate dramatic declines in vaccine-preventable diseases when compared with the pre-vaccine era

Updated on: 8/1/22
Language: English

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