Clinical Resources: Vaccine Confidence

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Fainting Related to Vaccination: What You Need to Know

A 1-page handout for patients and caregivers describes symptoms of fainting (syncope), how it can occur around vaccination, how to reduce the risk of vaccination-related fainting, and what to do if someone faints during vaccination

Updated on: 7/31/23
Language: English

Sample Vaccine Policy Statement

This sample vaccine policy statement is for pediatric providers to adapt and share their commitment to immunization with patients and parents

Updated on: 1/3/24
Language: English

Vaccination-Related Syncope: Information for Healthcare Personnel

This 1-page handout for healthcare personnel describes how syncope (fainting) sometimes occurs around vaccination, how practitioners can reduce the risk of occurrence, and how to respond if it does occur, plus includes useful resources

Updated on: 7/31/23
Language: English

Vaccinations Are Safe: Explaining Why

Reviews the scientific evidence favoring routine vaccination, segmented by safety, components, compensation, the reasoning underlying vaccine policy, and other topics

Updated on: 11/15/22
Language: English

Vaccines Work!

CDC statistics demonstrate dramatic declines in vaccine-preventable diseases when compared with the pre-vaccine era

Updated on: 8/1/22
Language: English

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