Ask the Experts: Zoster (Shingles): Storage & Handling

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Both lyophilized Shingrix and the adjuvant solution diluent must be stored at refrigerator temperature, between 2° and 8°C (between 36° and 46°F). Protect the vials from light. Do not freeze. Vaccine or adjuvant solution that has been frozen must be discarded. If vaccine that was frozen was administered, the dose does not count and should be repeated. The repeat dose should be administered 4 weeks after the frozen dose. After reconstitution, administer Shingrix immediately or store refrigerated between 2° and 8°C (between 36° and 46°F) and use within 6 hours. Discard reconstituted vaccine if not used within 6 hours.

Last reviewed: March 9, 2022

Shingrix is stored at refrigerator temperature. Transport of refrigerated vaccines is described in detail in the CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit, available at, pages 22–24. Providers should also review the vaccine package inserts for the specific vaccines being transported.

Last reviewed: March 9, 2022

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