Funding pursues its mission to promote and increase immunization rates through programs supported by educational grants, donations, and partnership projects, including funding from CDC for specific projects.

The following is a list of organizations that have supported in our commitment to public health and vaccination.

Foundations and Estates

  • E. J. Wexler Foundation
  • Herbert R. Mayer and Jeanne C. Mayer Foundation
  • Katherine A. Payne Estate
  • Mark and Muriel Wexler Foundation
  • Anonymous

Professional Societies


  • In memory of Daniel Bower Banks IV and Gail Joanne Banks
  • In memory of William Darnall
  • In memory of Becky Payne
  • In memory of Harold Margolis, MD

Individuals, Organizations, and Others’s IRS Form 990s are available from GuideStar, a repository of financial information about nonprofits.

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