• Documenting Vaccination

When we are giving multiple injections in a limb, what is the best way to accurately document the injection site?

One way to handle this is to indicate if the vaccination was given either in the “upper” or “lower” portion of the injection area selected (e.g., DTaP: right thigh, upper; Hib: right thigh, lower; or PCV13: left thigh, upper; HepB: left thigh, lower). It is helpful if everyone in your office or clinic uses the same sites for each vaccine. Use of a standardized site map can facilitate this. Here are some helpful site maps for different ages so you can record where shots were given:

For infants and toddlers: www.eziz.org/PDF/IMM-718.pdf

For adults: eziz.org/assets/docs/ADA/IMM-718A.pdf

Last reviewed: June 6, 2023

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