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  • Vaccine Recommendations

What resources are available to help adult patients evaluate their individual immunization needs? has developed several screening questionnaires for patient use. These include:

  • Do I Need Any Vaccinations Today? (adult vaccination assessment checklist)
  • Vaccinations for Adults—You’re never too old to get immunized!
  • Vaccinations Needed During Pregnancy
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Chronic Liver Disease or Infection
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Diabetes
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
  • Vaccinations for Adults with HIV Infection
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Lung Disease
  • Vaccinations for Adults without a Spleen
  • Vaccinations for Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • Should You Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B? A screening questionnaire for adults, and
  • Should You Be Vaccinated for Hepatitis A? A screening questionnaire for adults.

These handouts can be found at

In addition to these printed pieces, there are several interactive tools on CDC’s website. For children, go to, and for adults, go to

Last reviewed: November 5, 2023

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