• Vaccine Recommendations

What resources are available to help adult patients evaluate their individual immunization needs?

Immunize.org has developed several screening questionnaires for patient use. These include:

  • Do I Need Any Vaccinations Today? (adult vaccination assessment checklist)
  • Vaccinations for Adults—You’re never too old to get immunized!
  • Vaccinations Needed During Pregnancy
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Chronic Liver Disease or Infection
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Diabetes
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Heart Disease
  • Vaccinations for Adults with HIV Infection
  • Vaccinations for Adults with Lung Disease
  • Vaccinations for Adults without a Spleen
  • Vaccinations for Men Who Have Sex with Men
  • Should You Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis B? A screening questionnaire for adults, and
  • Should You Be Vaccinated for Hepatitis A? A screening questionnaire for adults.

These handouts can be found at www.immunize.org/handouts/view-all.asp

In addition to these printed pieces, there are several interactive tools on CDC’s website. For children, go to www2a.cdc.gov/vaccines/childquiz/, and for adults, go to www2.cdc.gov/nip/adultImmSched/.

Last reviewed: November 5, 2023

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