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What are the recommendations for Hib vaccination in the United States?

The ACIP recommends routine administration of a conjugate Hib vaccine series for all infants beginning at age 2 months. Infants 2 through 6 months of age should receive a 3-dose series of ActHIB, Hiberix, Pentacel, or Vaxelis, or a 2-dose series of PedvaxHIB. The first dose can be administered as early as age 6 weeks. Hib-containing vaccine should not be given before 6 weeks of age. Doses given before 12 months of age should be separated by at least 4 weeks. A booster dose (which will be dose 3 or 4 depending on vaccine type used in primary series) of any Hib-containing vaccine is recommended at age 12 through 15 months and at least 8 weeks after the most recent Hib dose. Vaxelis is recommended only for the primary Hib series and is not recommended for use as a booster (4th) dose. A different Hib-containing vaccine licensed for a booster dose should be used.

Medically stable preterm infants should be vaccinated beginning at age 2 months according to the schedule recommended for other infants, on the basis of chronological age. Unimmunized children 60 months and older who have HIV infection should receive 1 dose of Hib vaccine.

Last reviewed: July 31, 2022

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