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If all needed vaccines aren’t administered during the same visit, does one need to wait a certain period of time before administering the other needed vaccines?

All inactivated vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, can be given on the same day, or on any day before or after giving other inactivated or live vaccines. Early guidance from ACIP recommended against coadministration of COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccinations; however, ACIP updated its guidance in mid-2021 to state that these vaccines may be coadministered with other vaccinations when necessary.

If two live vaccines are not given on the same day, they need to be spaced at least 4 weeks apart. If both pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) and 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23) are indicated for a high-risk patient, these vaccines should not be given at the same visit. The PCV should be given first followed by PPSV23 at least 8 weeks later. If PPSV23 has already been given, wait 8 weeks (for a child) or 1 year (for an adult age 19 years or older) before giving PCV to avoid interference between the 2 vaccines. A person with anatomic or functional asplenia should receive both PCV and meningococcal conjugate vaccines (MenACWY). If Menactra brand MenACWY is used the person should first receive all recommended doses of PCV then Menactra at least 4 weeks later. Menveo or MenQuadfi brands of MenACWY can be given at the same time or at any time before or after PCV.

Last reviewed: December 28, 2022

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