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Public health authorities have declared a meningococcal serogroup B disease outbreak at my university and we are now vaccinating all students on campus. Some students report having had a primary series of MenB vaccine, but do not have documentation of which brand was used. What should we do?

During an outbreak of meningococcal B disease, swift protection of those at risk is prioritized and CDC subject matter experts do not recommend delaying vaccination in order to locate records. Student health services with documentation of MenB vaccination (including brand) of incoming students, either in a state immunization registry or in student health records, will be able to respond most efficiently to an outbreak.

Students whose primary series of MenB vaccine was completed at least 1 year before the outbreak (or as little as 6 months before the outbreak, if recommended by public health) should receive a single booster dose of the same brand of MenB vaccine. If the same brand is unavailable, they should restart the primary series with the available brand. If the brand of the primary series is unknown, administer a dose of the available product and counsel the recipient to request records of the primary series: if the primary series brand is different, then in order to ensure optimal protection, the recipient should be given a booster dose of the primary series product or complete a primary series with the available product after a minimum interval of 4 weeks.

Last reviewed: March 24, 2024

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