• Hepatitis B
  • Pregnancy, Perinatal & Infants

We are receiving conflicting information about whether their HepB vaccine dose #4 is a valid final dose because of the shortened interval between dose #3 and #4. Our electronic health record says dose #4 is valid (regardless of the short interval from dose #3) but the health department says it is not. Which is correct?

According to subject matter experts at CDC, your electronic health record is correct. The CDC website states that HepB dose #4, if given, must be at 24 weeks of age or later, at least 16 weeks from dose #1, and at least 8 weeks from dose #2. There is no minimum interval requirement between dose #4 and the previous dose. This information is not published in any current ACIP statement but it can be found under “Hepatitis B” at www.cdc.gov/vaccines/programs/cocasa/reports/algorithm-ref.html.

Last reviewed: July 21, 2023

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