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My patient is medically complex and severely immunocompromised and our clinical team has concerns that the recommended schedule of COVID-19 vaccination for immunocompromised patients may not be adequate. Does CDC permit any latitude in the COVID-19 vaccination schedule for such patients?

Yes. CDC states that people ages 6 months and older who are moderately or severely immunocompromised have the option to receive 1 additional dose of COVID-19 vaccine at least 2 months following the last recommended 2023–2024 Formula COVID-19 vaccine dose. Further additional dose(s) may be administered, informed by the clinical judgement of the healthcare provider and personal preference and circumstances. Any further additional doses should be administered at least 2 months after the last 2023–2024 COVID-19 vaccine dose.

To evaluate an immunocompromised individual’s COVID-19 vaccine needs based upon the person’s age and COVID-19 vaccination history, use this infographic from CDC: www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/downloads/COVID19-vaccination-recommendations-immunocompromised.pdf.

Last reviewed: March 19, 2024

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