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Can we use the two DTaP products interchangeably?

There are two different DTaP products currently used in the U.S. for the primary series for children ages 2 months through 6 years (Daptacel [Sanofi] and Infanrix [GSK]). ACIP has recommended that, whenever feasible, healthcare providers should use the same brand of DTaP vaccine for all doses in the vaccination series. If vaccination providers do not know or have available the type of DTaP vaccine previously administered to a child, any DTaP vaccine may be used to continue or complete the series. For vaccines in general, vaccination should not be deferred because the brand used for previous doses is not available or is unknown (see the ACIP’s General Best Practices Guidance for Immunization at www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/acip-recs/general-recs/timing.html).

Last reviewed: March 31, 2022

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