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Adults who have no spleen need a pneumococcal conjugate vaccination (PCV) and a MenACWY meningococcal vaccine. In children, one brand of MenACWY (Menactra) is not supposed to be administered at the same time as PCV. Does this apply to adults, as well?

Studies done in children showed possible interference with the response to PCV7 when PCV7 and MenACWY-D (Menactra, Sanofi Pasteur) were given simultaneously. For this reason, CDC also recommended that children not receive PCV13 and Menactra at the same visit. This recommendation does not apply to any other brand of MenACWY, including MenACWY-CRM (Menveo, GSK) or MenACWY-TT (MenQuadfi, Sanofi Pasteur). MenQuadfi is gradually replacing Menactra.

At this time, there are no data to support a similar formal recommendation for separating PCV and Menactra for adults. However, to be prudent, if Menactra is the only brand available, you should follow the same principle as for children and administer it 4 weeks after the PCV. Alternatively, if feasible, it would be simpler to administer a different MenACWY product at the same time as the PCV (MenQuadfi or Menveo).

Due to the extreme risk of invasive pneumococcal disease in people without a functional spleen, if Menactra is inadvertently administered to an asplenic person within 4 weeks of a dose of PCV (in either order), repeat the dose of PCV at least 4 weeks after whichever vaccine was administered second.

Last reviewed: July 26, 2022

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