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  • Tdap and Pregnancy
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  • Tdap and Pregnancy
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  • Tdap and Pregnancy

Each time there is a pregnancy in the family, should fathers and other family members receive a Tdap booster?

ACIP does not recommend repeated doses of Tdap for fathers or other family members or caregivers of infants during every pregnancy. The recommendation for Tdap vaccination with each pregnancy to optimize immunity for the infant applies only to the pregnant mother.

The practice of “cocooning” infants by making a particular effort to vaccinate caregivers who have not received Tdap vaccination has been recommended by ACIP since 2005; however, the practice has been difficult to implement fully and may not be effective alone as a strategy for protecting newborns from pertussis exposure. The combined strategy of Tdap vaccination during each pregnancy, cocooning, and administering the childhood DTaP series on schedule provides the best protection to the infant.

Last reviewed: March 31, 2022

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