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My patient, age 45, is immunocompromised and is recommended to receive a third dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, but he has only ever received two monovalent mRNA doses more than 18 months ago. What do I do now?

The patient should receive an updated 2023–2024 COVID-19 mRNA dose now, if feasible, of the same brand as the initial two doses, in order to complete the 3-dose primary mRNA vaccine series recommended for people with moderate or severe immunocompromise. Advise the patient that he has the option to receive additional 2023–2024 Formula COVID-19 doses of any brand (at least 2 months apart) as needed, based on his clinical circumstances.

To evaluate an immunocompromised individual’s COVID-19 vaccine needs based upon the person’s age and COVID-19 vaccination history, use this infographic from CDC:

Last reviewed: October 26, 2023

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