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Our experience has been that many babies who receive the oral rotavirus vaccine spit a lot of it out. We know not to give them more. But how can we be sure that the little they ingest is enough?

Try to follow general guidelines for oral administration of liquid vaccines. First, give this vaccine at the beginning of the office visit, while the baby is still happy, and before you administer injections or perform other procedures. Second, make every effort to aim the dropper containing the vaccine down one side and toward the back of the child’s mouth. Don’t put the dropper so far back that you gag the child. You may find the following information from the RotaTeq manufacturer helpful: www.merckvaccines.com/Products/RotaTeq/Pages/dosageandadministration. You can also find a pictorial description of both reconstitution and administration of the lyophilized formulation of Rotarix at www.rotarixhcp.com/dosage/administration/.

Last reviewed: June 7, 2023

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