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May influenza vaccines be given at the same time as RSV vaccine?

While CDC states that it is acceptable to coadminister influenza and RSV vaccines, there are issues that should be considered before deciding to coadminister these vaccines to a specific patient. Data informing simultaneous administration with influenza vaccines is limited and evolving. Data on coadministration of RSV and influenza vaccines showed that antibody titers were somewhat lower with coadministration; however, the clinical significance of this is unknown. In addition, administering RSV vaccine with one or more other vaccines at the same visit might increase local or systemic reactogenicity. Data are available for coadministration of RSV and influenza vaccines, and evidence is mixed regarding increased reactogenicity.

ACIP advises that when deciding whether to coadminister other vaccines with an RSV vaccine, consider whether the patient is up to date with currently recommended vaccines, the feasibility of the patient returning for additional vaccine doses, risk for acquiring vaccine-preventable disease, vaccine reactogenicity profiles, and patient preferences.

Additional considerations for coadministration of influenza and other vaccines are available in the 2023 ACIP RSV vaccine recommendations for older adults, page 798: www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/72/wr/pdfs/mm7229a4-H.pdf.

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