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When is pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23) recommended as an option for children?

PPSV23 has only limited indications in children age 2 through 18 years who have not had PCV20 and are at high risk for serious pneumococcal infection due to the presence of a specific non-immunocompromising (non-IC) or immunocompromising (IC) medical condition.

If PCV20 is not offered, PPSV23 is recommended as an option to be administered to a child age 2 years or older at least 8 weeks following completion of PCV vaccination with PCV13 or PCV15. If a child has an immunocompromising condition and PPSV23 is used, a dose of PCV20, or a second dose of PPSV23, should be given 5 years later.

Immunize.org details all recommendations and pneumococcal vaccine options for children with high-risk conditions in its standing order template for pneumococcal vaccination of children and teens (www.immunize.org/wp-content/uploads/catg.d/p3086.pdf) and its shorter resource, Recommendations for Pneumococcal Vaccines use in Children and Teens (www.immunize.org/wp-content/uploads/catg.d/p2016.pdf).

Last reviewed: April 5, 2024

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