How to Search the Adult Vaccination Resources Library (AVRL)
Follow these two steps to locate desired resources contained within the AVRL.
Step 1: Select Search Criteria
Several options are available to help locate appropriate resources. These may be used singly or in combination, but we recommend that you begin your search using no more than 12 criteria at a time. Using multiple criteria will restrict the search and reduce your chances of obtaining resources.
Search Terms
Type a keyword or phrase that represents the information you are seeking in the Search Library box.
To search using a phrase, simply place a plus sign (+) between the individual words that make up the exact phrase, e.g., "hepatitis+b".
To exclude a certain term, place a minus sign (-) before it, e.g., "-measles".
Individual terms are matched to any part of words in the title or description. A search for "flu" will result in a listing of resources with "flu" or "influenza" in the title or description.
The search is not sensitive to the case of the search terms. So a search for "InDIcationS" is the same as a search for "indications".
Search a Pre-Defined Category
Select a specific term from the drop-down menu (visible when clicking on the button on the right hand side of each box) in one or more the following categories:
Audience: To differentiate between resources best suited for either a general audience or healthcare professionals
Disease: To select resources discussing specific vaccine-preventable diseases
Vaccine: To find resources providing information about selected vaccines
Condition: To view information related to specific health conditions that might impact the use of vaccines
Age Group: To find resources related to several broad age ranges (≥19 years of age) that affect the use of certain vaccines
Special Population: To locate resources associated with certain population groups that influence vaccine recommendations
Keyword/Topic: To obtain resources in which a pre-determined keyword or topic is covered (Note: This may result in a different set of resources than typing the same word in the Search resources titles and descriptions box, which is limited to words specifically found in the resource’s title or description.)
Language: To find resources that have been translated into a variety of different languages
Media Type: To locate resources that are available in a diverse types of media, such as printable PDFs or videos
Owner/Publisher: To select resources that have been published by a specific agency, organization, or company
Publication Date: To view resources according to how recently they were published, within a two-year range. Because general websites are updated frequently, they are classified as “ongoing”, rather than being listed by a specific publication date.
Any combination of search terms and pre-defined categories may be selected at one time. For example, "shingles" may be typed into the search terms box and "general population" may be selected for the audience type. Note: Selecting multiple options restricts the overall number of resources returned.
Step 2: Click on either of the "Go" buttons
After selecting desired terms/categories, click on either of the "Go" buttons to obtain results. When the selected resources are returned, you may choose whether you would like the results to be listed by Title (in alphabetical order) or by the date the resource was posted in the AVRL. Using the Date posted option provides an easy way to find new resources as they are added to the library.