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Vaccine Safety Resources

Immunization Action Coalition
Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety
IAC's collection of reports and resources from the World Health Organization
Institute of Medicine
IAC's collection of publications and resources from IOM
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Vaccine Safety Information for Parents
Summary for parents about risks and benefits of immunization
How Vaccines Are Tested and Monitored
Overview of vaccine research from development to post-marketing monitoring
Why It's Important to Monitor Vaccine Safety
Top Three Reasons for Monitoring Vaccine Safety
History of Vaccine Safety
Overview focuses on vaccine research, how vaccines are licensed, how safety is monitored, and how risks are communicated to the public
Immunization Safety Office Scientific Agenda
ISO is developing a 5-year scientific agenda
Every Child By Two (ECBT)
Vaccinate Your Baby
Website features information about immunization for parents, so they can learn how best to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases
Vaccine Education Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccine Safety FAQs
Answers to common questions about the safety of vaccines
Parents PACK
Possessing, Accessing and Communicating Knowledge (PACK) about vaccines
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