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Unprotected People Reports: Hepatitis B

Real-life accounts of people who have suffered or died from vaccine-preventable diseases

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HepB Birth Dose Reports
HTML  PDF Newborns "Medical errors cause two more children to be chronically infected with hepatitis B" Report #54: Two babies born to mothers infected with hepatitis B are not given the recommended protection (vaccine and immune globulin) within 12 hours of birth. Both become chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus. 2/13/03
HTML  PDF NA "Unprotected Babies: Hepatitis B vaccine at birth saves lives!" Report #45: A letter from IAC urges all health professionals and hospitals to protect infants from hepatitis B virus infection by administering the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine to infants at birth and no later than hospital discharge. 10/7/02
HTML  PDF 3 mos. "Infant dies of fulminant hepatitis B" Report #34: A 3-month-old infant of Southeast Asian descent dies of fulminant hepatitis B as a result of a combination of medical errors. 9/27/00
HTML  PDF Infant & mother "Lack of prenatal screening for hepatitis B causes multiple tragedies for one family" Report #18: This case report is excerpted from a former IAC educational piece titled "Universal prenatal screening for hepatitis B." It was written for IAC by Deborah K. Freese, MD, pediatric gastroenterologist and member of the transplant unit at Mayo Clinic. 5/27/99
Hepatitis B Reports
HTML  PDF 25 yrs. "A Lost Week by Mary E. O'Brien, MD" Report #102: Mary O'Brien, MD, wrote this gripping piece about the rapid deterioration in health of her patient Thomas, a 25-year-old graduate student. O'Brien discovers that Thomas is suffering from acute hepatitis B infection. 4/10/09
HTML  PDF 20 yrs. "We called him 'A-Man'" Report #70: A sister writes about her brother's death and his and his siblings' determination to educate the public about HBV infection. 12/9/04
HTML  PDF 19-year-old
& his mother
"Testimony before the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" Report #69: A woman testifies about losing her brother and mother to undetected HBV infection and HBV-related liver cancer.
HTML  PDF 24 yrs. "One family's story: Living with hepatitis B" Report #68: A family with 3 children adopted from Korea suffers serious consequences when HBV test results are misinterpreted. 12/9/04
HTML   PDF 31 yrs. "Young doctor learns he has liver cancer too late" Report #49: A young Asian-American physician's death from liver cancer results from the inadequate monitoring and treatment of his known chronic hepatitis B virus infection. 8/21/02
HTML   PDF Child "Physician testifies about the importance of hepatitis B" Report #32: Dr. Keith Van Zandt's testimony before Congress about the importance of hepatitis B vaccination includes his personal experiences caring for his adopted daughter, a chronic hepatitis B carrier. 6/30/00
HTML   PDF 24 yrs. "The benefits of hepatitis B vaccine far outweigh the risks: A pharmacist's professional and personal perspective" Report #24: A pharmacist discusses the importance of preventing hepatitis B and the painful death of her 24-year-old cousin from the disease.
HTML   PDF Adult "Mother's death from hepatitis B moves daughter to action" Report #15: A first-year Asian-American medical student shares the details of her mother's sudden death from hepatitis B. 4/19/99
HTML   PDF 35 yrs. "I was at no risk for ever having hepatitis B!" Report #9: A 35-year-old married mother of three contracts hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. This woman, like at least one third of people who contract HBV infection, had no known risk factors for the disease. 1/6/99
HTML   PDF Adult "All the horrors that I endured could have been avoided" Report #6: Gravely ill with hepatitis B virus infection, U.S. Congressman John Joseph Moakley receives a successful liver transplant. He now advocates for vaccination against this disease. 11/12/98
HTML   PDF 15 yrs. "Family remembers hepatitis B victim as a girl with promise" Report #3: Two weeks after being diagnosed with acute hepatitis B virus infection, 15-year-old Kesha Johnson dies of fulminant liver failure. 10/14/98
HTML   PDF Child "Parent of child with HBV testifies about importance of hepatitis B vaccination" Report #2: A mother whose son is chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus testifies at a hearing on the implementation of a hepatitis B school entry law. She speaks on a personal level of the pain her entire family has suffered because of one member's chronic illness. 9/14/98
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