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January 2013
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January 7-13
Video of the Week
Video: Degrassi's Annie Clark on HPV
Degrassi's Annie Clark on HPV: Human Papillomavirus, better known as HPV, is the leading cause of cervical cancer and genital warts among females. In this public service announcement, Annie Clark provides important information about HPV vaccination for the York Region Government of Canada.
January 14-20
Video of the Week
Video: Don't Catch the Flu
Don't Catch the Flu: Check out CDC's new influenza vaccination public service announcements, featuring players from the National Football League (NFL).
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January 21-27
Video of the Week
Video: Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield on HPV
Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield on HPV - Part 1: Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield, a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Washington and a leader in STD prevention and research for more than 30 years, answers common questions about HPV. In Part 1, Dr. Handsfield discusses screening, diagnosis and prevention. In Part 2, he speaks answers questions about the emotional and psychological issues surrounding an HPV diagnosis.
Watch part 2
January 28 - February 3
Video of the Week
Video: Risk of Pertussis and DTaP Vaccine Series
Risk of Pertussis and DTaP Vaccine Series: In an examination of cases of childhood pertussis in California, researchers found that children with pertussis had lower odds of having received all 5 doses of the diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP) vaccine series, however the odds increased as the time since last DTaP dose lengthened, which is consistent with a progressive decrease in estimated vaccine effectiveness each year after the final dose of DTaP vaccine, according to JAMA.
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