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Unprotected People Reports: Chickenpox

Real-life accounts of people who have suffered or died from vaccine-preventable diseases

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HTML   PDF 14 mos.,
10 yrs.,
12 yrs.
"CDC provides case reports on varicella-related deaths of three susceptible, unvaccinated children" Report #73: These deaths underscore the importance of making sure that children are vaccinated at the earliest recommended age and that older children receive catch-up vaccinations. 3/29/05
HTML   PDF 37 yrs.,
9 yrs.
"MMWR article describes two of nine varicella deaths in the United States in 2002" Report #56: A 37-year-old man and 9-year-old girl, both previously healthy and residing in different states, die after exposure to varicella disease. Their deaths illustrate the consequences of the failure to establish immunity in a  population. 6/13/03
HTML   PDF 11 yrs. "Indiana girl dies of varicella" Report #50: An 11-year-old girl dies a day after being brought to an emergency room in profound septic shock after a varicella zoster infection. 10/2/02
HTML   PDF 31 yrs. "Periorbital varicella gangrenosa necessitating orbital exenteration in a previously healthy adult" Report #43: A young man suffers fatal neurologic damage and necrotizing periorbital (eye area) infection as a complication of varicella infection.
HTML   PDF 8 yrs. "Michigan child's death caused by chickenpox" Report #31: An 8-year-old child unvaccinated for chickenpox dies from complications of invasive group A streptococcal (GAS) infection a week after the onset of varicella rash. 5/25/00
HTML   PDF 12 yrs. "Chickenpox claimed the life of my son Christopher" Report #21: Rebecca Cole's 12-year-old son Christopher dies of complications of chickenpox after being treated with corticosteroids for an asthma attack. 11/16/99
HTML   PDF 6-58 yrs. "How many varicella deaths will it take?" Report #19: In 1998, six Floridians, ranging in age from 6 to 58, die of varicella. Five of the six were eligible for vaccination. 6/4/99
HTML   PDF 3½ yrs. "Child dies of varicella encephalitis" Report #12: A young child from British Columbia dies from varicella encephalitis. At the time of his death, a vaccine against chickenpox is not available in Canada. 1/29/99
HTML   PDF 21 mos.
42 yrs.
"Five varicella deaths that could have been prevented" Report #8: Five previously healthy, unvaccinated individuals die from varicella. They range in age from young children to a 42-year-old father who probably contracted the disease from his children. 12/21/98
HTML   PDF 23 yrs.,
25 yrs.,
32 yrs.
"Three fatal varicella cases in unvaccinated young women" Report #4: Three young unvaccinated women die of varicella between February-April 1997. All are infected by exposure to unvaccinated preschool-aged children who have contracted the disease. 11/5/98
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