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December 1998 Back to top
Issue 40 - Dec 30, 1998
  1. OPV is no longer recommended for the first two doses of the polio series, except in special circumstances
  2. CDC satellite broadcast, "Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic," to air on February 25
  3. MMWR publishes article on influenza vaccination status of persons aged 65-79
  4. Editors' reminder: Free influenza teaching module available
  5. Conference on vaccine research set for March 28-30
Issue 39 - Dec 22, 1998
  1. Lyme disease vaccine license application approved by FDA
Issue 38 - Dec 21, 1998
  1. Story #8: Five varicella deaths that could have been prevented
Issue 37 - Dec 18, 1998
  1. AAP now recommends IPV for the first two doses of the primary series for polio vaccine
  2. MMWR publishes announcement on FDA approval of a fourth acellular pertussis vaccine for use among infants and young children
  3. MMWR publishes article on the progress toward global measles control and regional elimination
  4. "Immunization Gateway" is a major immunization resource center on the web
Issue 36 - Dec 17, 1998
  1. CDC responds to questions about influenza vaccine and Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Issue 35 - Dec 16, 1998
  1. AAP's statement on rotavirus is now available on the web
  2. CDC's rotavirus vaccine information for parents is on IAC's website
  3. Details of the 100 million dollar donation are on the web
  4. Check out the National Vaccine Program Office's new website
  5. MMWR publishes article on the impact of the sequential IPV/OPV schedule on vaccination coverage levels in the U.S.
  6. MMWR publishes article on progress toward eliminating Hib disease among infants and children in the U.S.
Issue 34 - Dec 15, 1998
  1. Story #7: Montana newborn of an unvaccinated mother contracts neonatal tetanus after application of nonsterile clay to the umbilical cord.
Issue 33 - Dec 4, 1998
  1. Free immunization teaching modules available
  2. The 1998 edition of Canada's Immunization Guide is now on the web.
Issue 32 - Dec 1, 1998
  1. Fall/Winter "VACCINATE ADULTS!" is on the web
  2. Buena Noticia! Td Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) is on the web in Spanish!
November 1998 Back to top
Issue 31 - Nov 26, 1998
  1. CDC to broadcast course on surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases on December 3
  2. CDC releases "Recommendations for prevention and control of hepatitic C virus (HCV) infection and HCV-related chronic disease"
  3. Continuing medical education credits are now a component of certain MMWR publications
  4. "Laboratory-based surveillance for rotavirus - United States, July 1997-June 1998" published in MMWR
  5. "Update: Influenza activity - United States, 1998-99 season" published in MMWR
  6. "Vaccination coverage by race/ethnicity and poverty level among children aged 19-35 months - United States, 1997" published in MMWR
Issue 30 - Nov 12, 1998
  1. Story #6: "All of the horrors that I endured could have been avoided"
Issue 29 - Nov 9, 1998
  1. Story #5: "I awoke one morning unable to walk"
Issue 28 - Nov 5, 1998
  1. Story #4: Three fatal varicella cases in unvaccinated young women
Issue 27 - Nov 4, 1998
  1. Fall/Winter "NEEDLE TIPS" is now on the web and in the mail
  2. What's in the newest issue of "NEEDLE TIPS?"
  3. Been to our website lately? There's lots of new information you can use!
October 1998 Back to top
Issue 26 - Oct 16, 1998
  1. Make sure National Adult Immunization Awareness Week happens every week of the year!
  2. UNPROTECTED PEOPLE are telling their stories on our new web page!
  3. Free for the asking! Bulk copies of "NEEDLE TIPS" and "VACCINATE ADULTS!"
  4. Need help educating Asian Americans about hepatitis B?
  5. "Back-To-School" specials! Materials to educate middle school kids about immunization
  6. Noociisa B, Hom B, Hepatitei B! Download hepatitis B brochures for parents in 17 languages
  7. !Terrifico! "Every week thousands of sexually active people get hepatitis B" is now available in Spanish.  Download it!
Issue 25 - Oct 15, 1998
  1. Show this varicella video and watch parents line up their children!
  2. Doing school-based vaccinations? It's easier with the new "Roll Up Both Sleeves!"
Issue 24 - Oct 14, 1998
  1. Story #3: Family remembers hepatitis B victim as a girl with promise
Issue 23 - Oct 13, 1998
  1. World Health Organization says there is no scientific justification to suspend hepatitis B immunization in France
  2. Engerix-B approved by FDA for use in patients with hepatitis C
  3. Hepatitis Foundation International schedules programs on hepatitis C virus infection in five major cities
September 1998 Back to top
Issue 22 - Sep 16, 1998
  1. Great news! CDC now has a new "Vaccine Safety" website
  2. Terrifico! Pneumococcal and influenza vaccine information statements in Spanish and six other languages!
  3. PBS to air "A Paralyzing Fear: The Story Of Polio In America" on October 5
  4. Starting a hepatitis B campaign for college students?  Free materials are available!
Issue 21 - Sep 14, 1998
  1. Story # 2: Parent of child with HBV testifies about importance of hepatitis B vaccination
Issue 20 - Sep 10, 1998
  1. Federal announcement: DTaP/HIB combined vaccines should not be used for the primary series
Issue 19 - Sep 4, 1998
  1. CDC answers your questions on varicella and varicella vaccine
Issue 18 - Sep 2, 1998
  1. Simplified pediatric dosing regimen now available for RECOMBIVAX HB
  2. National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Medical Advisory Board says there is no current evidence of a link between hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis
August 1998 Back to top
Issue 17 - Aug 31, 1998
  1. Rotavirus vaccine license application is approved by FDA
Issue 16 - Aug 27, 1998
  1. Intron A approved for pediatric use in chronic hepatitis B virus infection
  2. Oops! Correction in broadcast time for CDC Satellite Immunization Training
Issue 15 - Aug 26, 1998
  1. We revised our vaccine administration record sheets to help you comply with legal requirements
  2. Get the latest vaccine updates beamed to you by "Dr. Bill"
  3. Link to the big "Pink Book" and download a great reference book
  4. First national conference on immunization coalitions set for October 14-15, 1998
  5. There's a hepatitis B support group on the web
  6. Free posters to promote National Adult Immunization Week
  7. Materials you can download and use for Adult Immunization Week
  8. Free for the asking -- bulk copies of "NEEDLE TIPS" and "VACCINATE ADULTS!"
  9. Do you need an easy way to educate pre-teens about immunization?  Order "Immunization Plus!"
  10. Vaccinating students and staff in school?  Order the new "Roll up Both Sleeves!"
Issue 14 - Aug 21, 1998
  1. When  reporters call, seize the opportunity to educate them!
  2. We need your stories of people with vaccine-preventable diseases
  3. Story #1: A mother's experience with Haemophilus Influenzae Type B
July 1998 Back to top
Issue 13 - July 30, 1998
  1. New DTaP vaccine licensed by FDA
Issue 12 - July 28, 1998
  1. It's the law! Give your  patients Vaccine Information Statements (VISs)
  2. CDC releases new Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) on Influenza Vaccine for 1998-99
  3. CDC/NIP Resource Request List is now available on the Internet or by fax
  4. Get a copy of the "Adult Immunization Action Plan" and find out what you can do to help!
  5. What you need to know about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  6. "Weekly Epidemiological Record" is available free on the Internet
  7. International Society of Travel Medicine provides in-depth information on the Internet
June 1998 Back to top
Issue 11 - June 17, 1998
  1. CDC releases new ACIP statement on measles, mumps, and rubella
  2. We want to see you at CDC's National Immunization Conference in July!
Issue 10 - June 9, 1998
  1. Link up to our newest translations!
  2. Free posters to help you get adolescents vaccinated against hep B!
  3. Summer price reduction! A fabulous video and "how-to" manual to help you start a program to get Asian kids vaccinated against hepatitis B!
Issue 9 - June 4, 1998
  1. Need hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, and G information? Then make CDC's Hepatitis Branch website your first stop!
  2. Three unvaccinated children die of varicella-related deaths
  3. 24-hour emergency hotline answers clinicians' questions on exposures to blood borne diseases
  4. New video available to teach teens about liver wellness and protection against hepatitis B
May 1998 Back to top
Issue 8 - May 14, 1998
  1. A vaccine to prevent rotavirus disease is on the horizon. Get the facts here!
  2. "VACCINATE ADULTS!" is in the mail and on our website, too!
  3. VFC Program (Vaccines For Children) now has its own website.
  4. It take a whole country to develop a national immunization registry. Here's your chance to help!
  5. Health care worker immunization recommendations to be covered at June 4th adult immunization satellite conference
Issue 7 - May 4, 1998
  1. Coalition e-mail news service now called "IAC EXPRESS"
  2. CDC releases 1998 ACIP statement "Prevention and Control of Influenza"
  3. CDC releases "Hepatitis B vaccine fact sheet" and "Hepatitis B vaccine questions and answers"
  4. It's bad enough to lose a spleen!
  5. Are you looking for HBV clinical trials for your patients?
  6. "NEEDLE TIPS" is in the mail and "VACCINATE ADULTS!" will follow soon!
  7. FREE! Bulk copies of last issue of "NEEDLE TIPS" now available
  8. Adult immunization videoconference is coming to your neighborhood on June 4
  9. Will we see you at the National Immunization Conference in July?
  10. Link up to our latest publications.
February 1998 Back to top
Issue 6 - Feb 28, 1998
  1. VFC hepatitis B vaccine is now available for eligible children 0 through 18 years of age.
  2. Remember, you can use VFC vaccine to protect VFC-eligible children ages 1 through 15 against varicella.
  3. Errors in the "Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule, United States, January - December 1998" are corrected regarding the use of combination vaccines and hepatitis B vaccine.
  4. It's a fact! CDC'S Vaccine Safety Fact Sheets are now available!
  5. Coalition's web page is the "apple" of someone's eye!
  6. Because you don't have the time to answer all  parents' immunization questions....
  7. Unleash "The Germ Patrol" in your clinic and watch what happens!
Issue 5 - Feb 2, 1998
  1. Download the 1998 Childhood Immunization Schedule!
  2. MMWR reviews information on rabies prevention
  3. Download CDC'S brand new STD Guidelines and stay up to date with the newest recommendations and treatments!
  4. Looking for adult and adolescent, immunization resources? Look here first!
  5. Before you start an immunization delivery program, why not read this guidebook?
January 1998 Back to top
Issue 4 - Jan 8, 1998
  1. New immunization guidelines for health care workers released by ACIP and HICPAC
  2. CDC live, interactive satellite broadcast on Feb 26, 1998
  3. Best selling resources from the Immunization Action Coalition
  4. Limited edition Dr. Seuss immunization posters available
  5. Free! Bulk copies of "oldies but goodies" Immunization Action Coalition resources
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