Issue Number 32            December 1, 1998


  1. Fall/Winter "VACCINATE ADULTS!" is on the web
  2. Buena Noticia! Td Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)
    is on the web in Spanish!


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December 1, 1998

The new issue of "VACCINATE ADULTS!" has lots of new and practical information. And don't forget... all materials inside "VACCINATE ADULTS!" are camera ready, copyright free, and reviewed for technical accuracy by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

NOTE: "VACCINATE ADULTS!" is a 12-page publication for adult medicine specialists. It contains adult immunization and hepatitis B resources that were just published in the fall/winter issue of "NEEDLE TIPS," the Coalition's 28-page semi-annual publication. "NEEDLE TIPS" is for health professionals who provide services for children, or children and adults. So, if you've already received "NEEDLE TIPS," you've also received all of the contents of "VACCINATE ADULTS!"

To download the entire fall/winter 1998-99 issue of "VACCINATE ADULTS!," in camera-ready format, click here:

Or you can click on any of the following items and view and/or download them:

Ask the Experts: CDC immunization expert Dr. William Atkinson answers your immunization questions

Ask the Experts: CDC hepatitis experts, Linda Moyer, RN, and Harold Margolis, MD, answer hepatitis A and B questions

Letters to the Editor: "Varicella vaccine saves adults' lives" by Walter A. Orenstein, MD, Assistant Surgeon General, Director, National Immunization Program, CDC; and also "Doctor says influenza has not gone away," by W. Paul Glezen, MD, Professor and Head, Preventive Medicine Section, Baylor College of Medicine

Vaccine highlights - latest recommendations and schedules

NEW! Vaccinations for adults with hepatitis C virus infection

Revised! Summary of recommendations for adult immunization

Revised! Dosage schedule of hepatitis A and B vaccines

It's federal law! You must give your patients current Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) by Neal Halsey, MD, Institute for Vaccine Safety

Where to get adult immunization resources

Check your state's immunization rates

Coalition's Adult Catalog: Immunization and hepatitis B videos, brochures, etc. Order one, make copies!

Join the Coalition! A $40 annual VACCINATE ADULTS! membership will help support the Coalition plus we'll send you a packet of the Coalition's adult print materials and two videos.

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December 1, 1998

The Spanish translation of the Td VIS is now available on the Immunization Action Coalition's website. This translation (along with many others) was generously provided to the Coalition by the California Department of Health Service's Immunization Branch. The Spanish translation of the Td VIS can be downloaded from our website by clicking here:

And now...the familiar and friendly reminder from your advocates!  Before you vaccinate a child or an adult with a dose of DTaP, DTP, Td, MMR, varicella, polio, Hib, or hepatitis B vaccine, you are required by law to give a copy of the most current VIS to the adult vaccinee or to the child's parent or legal guardian.

Need other Spanish translations of VISs (or English versions)?  Visit the Immunization Action Coalition's VIS web page by clicking here:
or you can click on any of the following:

Hepatitis B:

If you are unable to download these documents from the web, call your state health department and ask to have a copy sent to you by mail. Click here for your state health department immunization program's phone number:

If your state doesn't have Spanish translations, contact Maria Clarke at the State of California's Immunization Program. Her phone number is 510-849-5042. (California does not provide original translations of pneumococcal or influenza VISs.)

Do you need pneumococcal and influenza VISs in Spanish, Cambodian, Hmong, Vietnamese, Laotian, Russian, and/or Somali? The Minnesota Department of Health website is the place to go.  Click here to visit their VIS web page and download these items:

If you are not able to access their VISs over the Internet and need to have a camera-ready copy sent, you can call the Minnesota Department of Health at 612-676-5237.

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