Issue 1,606: December 9, 2021
Donate to IAC – Our Year-End Appeal

Please Support the Immunization Action Coalition!
Donate to IAC – Our Year-End Appeal
This holiday season, we invite you to support our immunization work with a tax-deductible donation to the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC).
Your generosity sustains our commitment to immunization advocacy and education
During these extraordinary times, your gift funds our team’s ongoing commitment to advocate for federal and state policies that support effective vaccination programs and to provide up-to-date and practical information about vaccination to frontline immunization providers.
Our experienced team of nationally recognized immunization experts from the fields of nursing, medicine, pharmacy, immunology, and public health provides education and advocacy outreach to supply healthcare professionals, the public, policymakers, and the media with accurate and easy-to-use immunization information and materials.
Every week, IAC Express provides you with the critical immunization news you need, including updated ACIP recommendations, newly released VISs, patient handouts, staff education materials, and much more. In the past 12 months, we have summarized 19 different ACIP meetings for you. Our “Ask the Experts” special editions present practical clinical questions with answers from IAC’s team of immunization experts, with a recent emphasis on ever-changing COVID-19 vaccine clinical guidance.
Details of IAC’s vital work are provided in our end-of-year appeal letter.
We put your money to work for health through vaccination
Approximately 90% of our organization’s revenue supports our national immunization projects, with just 10% used for administrative costs.
A new look for the new year
Your tireless efforts to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to everyone, no matter how remote or vulnerable, are advancing your communities toward a safer world in 2022. You’ll be seeing advances in our organization as well. In 2021, we honored the retirement of our founder, Dr. Deborah Wexler. In early 2022, we will complete the brand evolution Deborah began as we work to expand our reach and enhance our website, officially transitioning to a new logo and a new name:
As we pursue our shared vision for a world free of vaccine-preventable diseases, our expanded team looks forward to supporting you in 2022 as you begin to implement exciting new vaccine recommendations from the CDC, including universal adult hepatitis B vaccination, simplified schedules for new and improved adult pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, and further changes to recommendations for the use of COVID-19 vaccines.
Thank you for your trust and support
We are honored to be your trusted resource as you work to prevent suffering and save lives through immunization.
Today, we would be honored to have your support with an online donation at
With gratitude and warm wishes for lovely holidays and a healthy new year,

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