Hepatitis B-Gone! Implementing Universal Adult Screening and Vaccination

July 13, 2023
56 minutes

About This Webinar

Anyone can be infected by the hepatitis B virus. Everyone can benefit from knowing their status and being protected. For over 30 years, hepatitis B vaccination has been recommended for all U.S. infants. In 2022, CDC recommended catch-up hepatitis B vaccination for all adults through age 59 and older adults with risk factors or who want to be vaccinated. In 2023, CDC recommended one-time hepatitis B screening of all adults. Integrating these two important recommendations into clinical practice poses unique challenges for healthcare providers.

In this webinar, panelists discussed these new recommendations and practical clinical questions about making them work for everyone. Widespread implementation of adult screening and catch-up vaccination brings the elimination of hepatitis B in the United States, along with hepatitis B-related liver disease and cancer, within reach.

Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH, director of CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis, and Kelly Moore, MD, MPH, CEO of Immunize.org, are co-authors of the ACIP hepatitis B vaccination policy statement and longstanding champions of hepatitis B elimination.

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This webinar was developed by Immunize.org and supported by Grant No. NH23IP922654 from CDC and an independent educational grant from VBI Vaccines, Inc. Its contents are solely the responsibility of Immunize.org and do not necessarily represent the official views of either CDC or VBI.


Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH
Director of CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis, National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kelly Moore, MD, MPH
President and Chief Executive Officer, Immunize.org

L.J Tan, MS, PhD
Chief Policy and Partnership Officer, Immunize.org

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