Visit for Practical Tools on Vaccine Administration, Storage and Handling

February 2012

Technically Speaking
Monthly Column by Deborah Wexler, MD
Deborah Wexler MD
Technically Speaking is a monthly column written by IAC’s Executive Director Deborah Wexler, MD. The column is featured in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center’s (VEC’s) monthly e-newsletter for healthcare professionals. Technically Speaking columns cover practical topics in immunization delivery such as needle length, vaccine administration, cold chain, and immunization schedules.
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Visit for Practical Tools on Vaccine Administration, Storage and Handling
Published February 2012
Information presented in this article may have changed since the original publication date. For the most current immunization recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, visit is the e-learning website of the California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch. This great website provides a wealth of practical information to help you in the delivery of vaccination services, including free training and print resources covering important topics in vaccine administration, storage and handling.
The website’s free Video Training includes:
Preparing vaccines: How to mix, reconstitute and draw up vaccines.
Administering vaccines: How to identify the correct needle length, insertion angle, anatomic site, and technique to administer intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.
Storing vaccines: How to prepare refrigerators and freezers for vaccine storage, arrange vaccines inside them, and safeguard their power supplies.
Monitoring refrigerator and freezer temperatures: How to track and monitor temperatures and take action when a problem arises. also includes the following valuable print resources on vaccine administration and storage and handling:
The Vaccine Administration Job Aids Section
A pediatric and adult anatomic site map
Vial identification charts for Tdap/DTaP and influenza vaccines
Guidance on injectable vaccines by route
Guidance on preparing liquid and reconstituted vaccines
Comfort measures for infants and children, and much more
The Storage and Handling Job Aids Section includes resources on:
Monthly care of vaccine storage units
Preparing refrigerators and freezers for vaccine storage
Guidance for buying a new refrigerator
Though some of the information on the EZIZ website is California-specific, most of it is applicable and useful for healthcare professionals across the nation. Be sure to check out the EZIZ website soon to find great materials to help you in your immunization practice!
Additional Resources
The Immunization Action Coalition also has ready-to-copy materials for healthcare staff covering practical aspects of vaccine administration, storage and handling. Bookmark these useful pages for future reference:
Administering Vaccines
Storage and Handling
Documenting Vaccination
Medical Management of Vaccine Reactions
Standing Orders for Administering Vaccines


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