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Storage and Handling

Administering Vaccines
Adult Vaccination
>> Administering vaccines
>> Documenting vaccination
>> Patient-friendly schedules
>> Screening questionnaires
>> Standing orders
>> Vaccine summaries
>> Vaccine recommendations
Documenting Vaccination
Parent Handouts
Patient Schedules
Questions and Answers
Screening Questionnaires
Standing Orders
Storage and Handling
Supplies Checklist
Temperature Logs
Vaccine Reactions
Vaccine Summaries
Checklist for safe vaccine storage and handling
More than thirty important things you can do to safeguard your vaccine supply [#P3035]
Do not stop power to circuit breaker (color)
Sign to post near circuit breaker (portrait and landscape versions) [#P2091]
Do not unplug refrigerator or freezer (color)
Sign for clinic refrigerator and/or freezer (portrait and landscape versions) [#P2090]
Don't be guilty of these preventable errors in vaccine storage and handling!
Rundown of frequently reported errors [#P3036]
Emergency response worksheet
What to do in case of a power failure [#P3051]
Maintaining the cold chain during transport
IAC is no longer distributing this piece. For an excellent resource on this subject, see the California Department of Public Health's "Transporting Refrigerated Vaccines"
Skills Checklist for Immunization
The skills checklist is a self-assessment tool for health care staff [#P7010]
Temperature log for freezer
Temperature log to post on your freezer, includes troubleshooting record and a completed record for reference purposes (4 pages) [#P3038F, #P3038C]
Temperature log for refrigerator
Temperature log to post on your refrigerator, includes troubleshooting record and two completed records for reference purposes (5 pages) [#P3037F, #P3037C]
Vaccine handling tips
Outdated or improperly stored vaccines won’t protect patients [#P3048]
Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting Record
Editable versions of the troubleshooting record can be completed using a personal computer, includes three completed records for reference purposes [#P3041]
PDF (fillable)
Vaccines with diluents: how to use them
Table of vaccines requiring reconstitution prior to administration, includes information about the diluent and time allowed between reconstitution and use [#P3040]
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