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Storage & Handling

IAC Resources
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Handouts: Storage & Handling
Educational pieces for health professionals and their patients
Checklist for Safe Storage and Handling
Do Not Unplug Sign
Don't be Guilty of These Errors in Vaccine Storage and Handling
Vaccine Temperature Logs
Freezer log
Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting Record
Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting Record
PDF (fillable)
Refrigerator log
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Click this arrow to view Ask the Experts: Handling & storage
Ask the Experts: Storage & Handling
CDC's experts answer challenging questions about vaccines
Click this arrow to view handling and storage journal articles
Journal Articles: Storage & Handling
IAC's selection of articles related to providing vaccination services
Click this arrow to view vaccine pocket guides
Vaccine Pocket Guides
Intended for HCP, IAC has guides for influenza, pneumococcal, Tdap, and Zoster vaccination
Click here to visit IACs directory of immunization resources
Directory of Resources
Online compendium of helpful immunization resources from trusted sources
Continuing Education
Listings and links for CMEs, CNEs, CEUs, or just to stay current
Package Inserts
Manufacturers' labeling of vaccines licensed for use in the United States
PowerPoint Slide Sets
Slide sets on immunization issues and vaccine-preventable diseases
Vaccine Manufacturers
Contact and product information
Click here to vaccine policy and licensure information
Vaccine Policy and Licensure
Official and authoritative information about vaccines
FDA Product Approval
Licensure information from the Food and Drug Administration
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DVD, schedules, and record cards
Administering Vaccines
Screening for Contraindications
Coding & Billing Storage & Handling
Documenting Vaccination Vaccine Recommendations
Scheduling Vaccines  
Featured Resources
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit
Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit
CDC's comprehensive resource for providers, includes important changes to previous recommendations
Updated May 2014
Vaccine Label Examples
Vaccine Label Examples
Organize vaccines by labeling containers within the storage unit
Temperature Excursion Checklist
Worksheet to use when storage unit temperatures are outside the recommended ranges
Click this arrow to view CDCs Video: Storage and Handling
Video: Keys to Storing and Handling Your Vaccine Supply
Video: Storage and Handling
Web-on-demand video (45 min) demonstrates the recommended best practices for the proper storage and handling of vaccines.
>> Continuing education credit available
Pink Book: Vaccine Storage & Handling
Pink Book
CDC's Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases textbook
Vaccine Shortages
Current vaccine shortages and delays
Vaccine Storage and Handling Web Section
Recommendations and guidelines from CDC
Education and Training
Immunization courses, webcasts, and self-study
American Academy of Pediatrics
Practice Management - Storage & Handling
Storage and handling tip sheets help providers practice safe vaccine storage and handling
Alliance for Immunization in Michigan
Vaccine Storage and Resources
Resources for managing your vaccine supply
AIM Provider Toolkit
Materials for childhood and adult immunization
Office of the Inspector General
Inspector General's Report on VFC
Assessment of the Vaccines for Children program, with specific recommendations to CDC and grantees to ensure the proper storage and handling of vaccines.
California Department of Public Health
Storage and Handling
Helpful job aids for temperature monitoring
EZ-IZ Online Training
EZ-IZ online training
E-learning website for California's VFC Program
Vaccine Questions?
• CDC-info: 800.232.4636
• Email: nipinfo@cdc.gov
• Contact: Program Managers
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