State Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) Requirements for Childcare

Requirements are current as of March 2023

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An empty box in this table indicates a “NO” answer
State PCV vaccine requirement for childcare entry* Date implemented
Alabama yes 10/2009
Arkansas yes 1/2008
Colorado yes 9/2007
Connecticut yes 8/2007
Dist. of Columbia yes 2008-09
Florida yes 1/2008
Georgia yes 7/2007
Hawaii yes 7/2020
Idaho yes 4/2011
Illinois yes 7/2007
Indiana yes 1/2003
Iowa yes 1/2009
Kansas yes 9/2009
Kentucky yes 7/2011
Louisiana yes 9/2006
Maine yes 11/2002
Maryland yes 6/2005
Michigan yes 1/2007
Minnesota yes 9/2004
Mississippi yes 8/2007
Missouri yes 7/2010
Montana yes 6/2018
Nebraska yes 2/2008
Nevada yes 10/2007
New Hampshire    
New Jersey yes 9/2008
New Mexico yes 2018-19
New York yes 1/2008
North Carolina yes born on/after 7/1/2015
North Dakota yes 1/2008
Ohio yes 3/2015
Oklahoma yes 6/2007
Pennsylvania yes 2001
Rhode Island yes 9/2005
South Carolina yes 8/2007
South Dakota yes 2016
Tennessee yes 7/2010
Texas yes 2005
Utah yes 7/2008
Vermont yes 3/2011
Virginia yes 7/2006
Washington yes 7/2008
West Virginia yes 2001
Wisconsin yes 9/2008
Wyoming yes 2/2018
*The number of PCV doses required varies by the age the child started the series. Contact state health department for details.
This table was compiled by using information provided by state health departments. If you have updated information concerning this table, please call (651) 647-9009 or email

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