Letter of Appreciation to ABC Studios Regarding Episode of Private Practice, Which Dealt With a Fatal Case of Measles

January 21, 2009

Yani Chang
ABC Studios Relations
cc: Fred Einesman, MD

Dear Yani:

On behalf of all of the staff of the Immunization Action Coalition, I extend our thanks for ABC’s recent episode of Private Practice dealing with a fatal case of measles. In today’s saturated media climate, it was necessary for the program to be dramatic in order to illustrate the deadly potential of this disease, and the depiction certainly was compelling.

We have come to realize that the popular media has an enormous influence on the knowledge and attitudes of Americans. Everyone who watched and heard about the measles storyline will remember that the decision to opt out of immunization is not one to make lightly. Moreover, it was helpful that the episode specifically addressed the unfounded yet common fear that vaccines may cause autism We are all grateful for the writer, Dr. Fred Einesman, having taken a potentially unpopular position in the interest of encouraging responsible and well-informed choices about immunization. Please continue this good work on future shows.


Deborah L. Wexler, MD
Executive Director

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