Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) Announces Rebrand as

The rebrand raises the organization’s visibility as the premier source of immunization education and advocacy in support of frontline healthcare professionals delivering COVID-19, influenza, and other life-saving immunizations.

Saint Paul, Minnesota, January 12, 2022—Immunization Action Coalition, the nation’s premier source of immunization information for all frontline immunizers, takes the name of its flagship website to become The rebrand affirms’s 31-year legacy of service in support of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and medical assistants who administer vaccines, and the state and local immunization coalitions who work to improve vaccination access. This mission was elevated to critical importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By rebranding with the name most familiar to the healthcare professionals we serve, we hope to make it easier for more frontline healthcare vaccinators to find us and our resources,” said CEO Kelly L. Moore, MD, MPH. “The past year has been critically important for immunization providers, many of whom are recruits new to vaccination programs, as hundreds of millions of COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized, recommended, and delivered in a vaccination program of unprecedented scale to stem the tide of the pandemic.”

Since January 2020,’s COVID-19 website has provided regularly updated and curated links to the latest clinical resources and guidance about COVID-19 vaccinations from CDC, FDA, and major public health and clinical professional organizations. A generous grant from CDC enabled design and distribution of millions of buttons and stickers in a national COVID-19 vaccine confidence campaign. experts help the media understand and communicate the complexities of vaccination. Their Ask the Experts: COVID-19 Vaccines resource is full of practical answers to clinical questions about the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. The free weekly e-newsletter, IZ Express, delivers the latest COVID-19 and other immunization news, resources, and training opportunities to more than 53,000 subscribers every Wednesday morning.

With this rebrand, affirms its mission to work alongside its public health, nonprofit advocacy, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industry partners throughout the immunization community to provide free access to comprehensive vaccination education resources and to advocate for policies that better protect the public from all vaccine-preventable diseases.

In coming months, will unveil a new website platform with improved searchability to keep accurate, up-to-date educational resources at the fingertips of immunizers and the public.

“We are honored to serve more than 35,000 daily visitors to our flagship website,, and our 53,000 IZ Express subscribers who depend on our weekly updates,” adds Moore. “Frontline vaccinators have relied on us for three decades. Today, thousands of new frontline vaccinators are not aware of and our mission to help healthcare professionals deliver quality immunization services to people of all ages. In 2022, we are redoubling our efforts to increase our visibility and extend our reach. Working together with our partners and the healthcare professionals we serve, we can protect our communities from vaccine-preventable disease and save lives by raising immunization rates across our nation.”

About the (formerly Immunization Action Coalition [IAC])

The mission of is to increase immunization rates and prevent disease throughout the United States. We create and distribute educational materials for healthcare professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services. We work to improve national and state vaccine policy. also facilitates communication about the safety, efficacy, and use of vaccines within the broad immunization community of patients, parents, healthcare organizations, and government health agencies. For more information, visit

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