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Issue Number 58             February 11, 1999


  1. An e-mail from NVIC


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February 11, 1999

Today the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) received an e-mail from the National Vaccine Information Center (formerly known as Dissatisfied Parents Together) concerning a February 1, 1999, press release issued by the Michigan State Attorney General on February 1, 1999, entitled "Michigan Attorney General Granholm Orders Stop to Deceptive Solicitations Regarding Forced HIV/AIDS Virus Vaccinations." According to NVIC, they did not "print or use Michigan Governor John Engler's name anywhere on the letter or medical rights survey that was sent to Michigan residents."

For this reason IAC has removed IAC EXPRESS #55 from its website and is no longer distributing the press release. However, according to David W. Silver, Assistant Attorney General, Charitable Trust Division, State of Michigan, the Michigan Attorney General's "Notice to Cease and Desist" (dated January 29, 1999) to NVIC remains in effect. If you have questions concerning Michigan's action against NVIC, contact Christopher DeWitt, Michigan Public Information Officer, at 517-373-8060.


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