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Needle Tips is a publication written for health professionals who provide immunization services to children, teens, or adults. Every issue includes the Ask the Experts feature by CDC experts who answer challenging and timely questions about vaccines and their administration; the Vaccine Highlights section which contains vaccine news from ACIP and CDC; and ready-to-print materials from IAC to photocopy and hand out to staff and patients. The technical content of Needle Tips is reviewed for accuracy by CDC. Subscribe to Needle Tips - it's free!
Table of Contents: July 2014 Issue PAGE NO.
Needle Tips July 2014
Needle Tips: Vol. 24(2)
Download entire issue: 24 pages, 6.37 MB PDF
What's Happening with Personal Belief Exemptions Across the Nation 1, 5
Editorial discusses the status of non-medical exemptions in the U.S.
Ask the Experts: CDC answers questions 1, 22, 23
CDC immunization experts Andrew Kroger, MD, MPH, and Donna Weaver, RN, MN, answer challenging and timely questions about vaccines and their administration    
Redesigned "Ask the Experts" home page and "Question of the Week" 2
Learn more about IAC's new feature for HCP - this section also includes publication details about Needle Tips and lists publication staff, IAC staff, and the board of directors
Donate to IAC and Products You Can Purchase from IAC 3
New address for IAC and descriptions and ordering information for laminated immunization schedules and immunization record cards this section also includes the names and affiliations of IAC's advisory board members
Vaccine Highlights: Recommendations, schedules, and more 4-5
Updates on licensed vaccines, news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and table of current VIS dates    
Checklist: Suggestions to Improve Your Immunization Services 6
Ideas that healthcare professionals and practices can use to improve their efficiency in administering vaccines and increase their immunization rates
"Measles: A Dangerous Illness" by Roald Dahl 7
Unprotected People Report by Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other beloved books for children and young adults). He suffered a heartbreaking loss: the death of his 7-year-old daughter Olivia from the complications of measles encephalitis. More than 20 years after Olivia's death, Dahl wrote this personal essay in her memory.
Summary of Recommendations for Child and Teen Immunization 8–12
Five-page reference table on appropriate use, scheduling, and contraindications of childhood vaccines
Summary of Recommendations for Adult Immunization 13–16
Four-page reference table on appropriate use, scheduling, and contraindications of adult vaccines
Patient Handouts: Schedules for All Adults and High-Risk Adults 17
Suite of 8 handouts for adult patients, each describes vaccinations that adults need; now available in Spanish
Vaccine Administration Record for Children and Teens 18
Document vaccinations using this handy form and put it in the front of each patient's medical chart
Vaccine Administration Record for Adults 19
Document vaccinations using this handy form and put it in the front of each patient's medical chart
Handout: A Guide for Gay and Bisexual Men About Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B 20
Brochure for men who have sex with men    
Hepatitis A, B, and C: Learn the Differences 21
One-page table provides answers to common questions for each hepatitis virus
IAC's Immunization Resources Order Form 24
Order 2014 laminated immunization schedules, patient record cards, and the "Immunization Techniques" DVD
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Needle Tips July 2014
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