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Issue Number 529            June 2, 2005


  1. Time's running out: Use your fiscal year-end (June 30) dollars to stock up on essential immunization resources--or to contribute to IAC


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June 2, 2005

Many health organizations and state, county, and city governments operate on a fiscal year that ends June 30. If yours does, and if it looks like you won't be able to use up your annual budget by the end of the year, IAC has a suggestion. We propose you use your year-end dollars NOW to place an order for bulk quantities of essential immunization resources you'll need in the future.

In the past several years, IAC has shipped more than two million items to providers around the world. Two of our most popular items are the video "Immunization Techniques: Safe, Effective, Caring," and the Adult Immunization Record Card.

Order these items in bulk, and you'll receive substantial discounts. Also, please note there is no shipping charge for small orders shipped by fourth-class mail within the United States.

Every healthcare site in the United States that delivers vaccination services should have a copy of this 35-minute video. Developed by the California Department of Health Services Immunization Branch in collaboration with a team of national experts, the video teaches best practices for administering intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) vaccines to infants, children, and adults. It is designed for use as a "hands-on" instructional program for new staff, as well as a refresher course for experienced health professionals. Available since 2001 as a VHS videotape, the video now comes in DVD format as well.

VHS VIDEOTAPE INFORMATION. The VHS is available from IAC in English only and comes with the following English-language print materials: (1) presenter's notes that include instructional objectives, pre- and post-tests, and photos showing vaccination sites appropriate for infants and toddlers and (2) a skills checklist to help you document that your staff is well trained.

DVD INFORMATION. The DVD contains both an English version of the video and a version dubbed in Spanish. You can watch the DVD on a television with a DVD player or on a computer with a DVD drive.

The DVD includes English- and Spanish-language versions of the following print materials: (1) the presenter's notes described above, (2), "Comforting Restraint," a poster that clearly shows parents how to hold a child during vaccination, and (3) "Be there for your child," a poster that presents ideas parents can use before, during, and after vaccination to make the experience easier for their child. The DVD also includes the following print materials in English only: (1) the skills checklist described above, (2) "Immunization Record and History," a chart that allows health professionals to document vaccine administration information for each of the recommended childhood vaccines, and (3) a resource list that directs parents to sources of reliable immunization information. PLEASE NOTE: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or above to view and print the materials included on the DVD.

The cost for each VHS videotape or DVD is $30. Discounts are available for orders of 20 or more by calling (651) 647-9009.

To order online (U.S. addresses only), go to:

To order by mail or fax, go to:

Invaluable for educating adults that immunization is a lifelong process, the card lists seven vaccines recommended for all or some adults. Use the card during patient visits to discuss a patient's vaccination status with them; then give it to them and encourage them to put it in their wallet and use it to keep track of their next vaccination due date. Printed on smudge-proof, rip-proof, waterproof paper, the card is intended for lifelong use.

To view a color image of IAC's Adult Immunization Record Card, go to:

The cost for one 250-count box is $35; two boxes (500 cards), $65; three boxes (750 cards), $90; four boxes (1,000 cards), $110; six boxes (1,500 cards) $165; eight boxes (2,000 cards) $210. Place orders in excess of 2,000 cards by calling (651) 647-9009.

To order online (including online with a purchase order), go to:

To order by mail or fax, go to:

TO PLACE AN ORDER FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES FOR EITHER THE VIDEO OR CARDS, call IAC at (651) 647-9009 for shipping cost information or email us at (no phone orders, please).

We will be delighted with your contribution of any amount. With a contribution of $75 or more, however, you will receive a CD-ROM of essential immunization information, including current versions of all IAC's print pieces in English and many in Spanish--more than 100 pieces in all!

Written for staff, parents, and patients, these pieces are CDC reviewed and continually updated on our website, making them resources you can use and distribute with confidence. In addition, the CD includes all federal Vaccine Information Statements--in English AND Spanish.

As a special thank-you for your contribution of $75 or more, IAC will also send you the following: (1) a set of our 15 most popular print pieces, such as the "Summary of Rules for Childhood and Adolescent Immunization" and the "Summary of Recommendations for Adult Immunization," (2) a year's subscription to one of our print publications (Needle Tips, Vaccinate Adults, or Vaccinate Women), and (3) a colorful IAC mousepad.

TO CONTRIBUTE BY FAX OR MAIL, download, print, and fill out the following order form: To make a fax contribution, fax the completed form to (651) 647-9131. To make a mail contribution, make a check payable to the Immunization Action Coalition and mail it and the completed order form to 1573 Selby Avenue, Suite #234, St. Paul, MN 55104.

TO CONTRIBUTE ONLINE, go to:, fill in the order form, and submit it.

Thank you for supporting IAC!  

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