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Issue Number 367            February 17, 2003


  1. Jade Ribbon Campaign offers hepatitis B information to the nation's Asian American and Pacific Islander community
  2. April 28 is early bird registration deadline for the National Conference on Immunization Coalitions


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February 17, 2003

Launched in May 2001 as an outreach project of the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, the Jade Ribbon Campaign aims to increase awareness and provide ethnic-sensitive health information about hepatitis B to the nation's Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) community, as well as health professionals. Though the campaign focuses on the California API community, campaign  materials are available for nationwide distribution.

The need to educate the public and health professionals about the incidence of hepatitis B in the API  community is great, according to Asian Liver Center director Samuel So, MD. "The greatest single  health disparity between Asian Americans and white Americans is liver cancer," Dr. So said. "The incidence of liver cancer in men is seven to 13 times higher in Asian and Pacific Islander Americans than in white Americans."

This incidence correlates directly to the disproportionately high rate of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in API populations. As many as one in ten API Americans is chronically infected with HBV,  compared with one in a thousand white Americans. This takes a huge toll on API Americans because one out of four people with chronic HBV infection will die of HBV-related liver cancer or cirrhosis.

The situation is made worse because chronic HBV infection is most often without symptoms, and many API Americans and health professionals are unaware of the special risk the disease poses to the API population.

Using an array of outreach strategies (multi-language brochures, print ads, and public service announcements, as well as community education through health fairs, seminars, and free HBV screenings), the campaign has made HBV infection visible to California's API community and health professionals. The outreach efforts have four goals: more testing of API Americans for HBV infection,  higher rates of vaccination against it, more treatment of it, and increased screening for liver cancer.

The Asian Liver Center website has information about the center, its clinic, and research activities, and also about the Jade Ribbon Campaign and hepatitis B education. The home page offers visitors the  choice of advancing their search in Chinese, Korean, or English. Some print and video information is also available in Vietnamese.

Among the educational materials are video clips of interviews with three patients who were diagnosed  with HBV-related liver cancer, received treatment, and survived. One interview is in Mandarin, one in  Vietnamese, and one in English. There is also an account in English of a young Asian American doctor who died of HBV-related liver cancer.

To access the Asian Liver Center website, go to:

To access video clips of patient interviews, go to:

To order brochures and posters in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and English, go to:

For additional information in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or English, call the Asian Liver Center helpline at (650) 725-4837.

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February 17, 2003

The Fifth National Immunization Coalition Conference will take place in Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ, on May  28-30. Attendees can save $100 by returning the registration form and fee by April 28, the early  bird registration deadline. The early bird registration fee is $195; the regular fee is $295.

The conference theme this year, "An Oasis of Ideas in Arizona," describes the meeting goal--to  provide information, resources, and skill-building sessions designed to refresh and support immunization coalitions at every stage of their development. The conference will offer sessions tailored to local, state, and national coalitions and will address childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization issues as they relate to coalition efforts.

To access the conference brochure, registration information, and other materials in HTML format, go to:

To access the conference brochure and registration form in camera-ready (PDF) format, go to:

To speak with someone about registration, call (888) 873-2674.

For questions about program content, contact Debbie McCune Davis, Program Director, at (602) 253-0090, ext. 234 or by email at

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