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Issue Number 174            July 10, 2000


  1. Coming this week! Influenza pandemic satellite broadcast set for July 13
  2. Don't miss this special CDC satellite broadcast for public health workers about influenza control
  3. New VAERS website features online reporting and vaccine safety resources
  4. PKIDS offers pediatric infectious disease research list and archive


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July 10, 2000

On July 13, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will present its annual "Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic" satellite broadcast. Public health officials who attend this broadcast will learn about strategies to address community needs during the next influenza pandemic.

This year CDC has also included a special additional session that will air between the two regularly scheduled pandemic influenza broadcasts. (For more information on this special session see article #2 in this issue of IAC EXPRESS.)

The literature for the regularly scheduled broadcast states in part: "Epidemiologists agree that the probability is high that another dangerous new strain of the influenza virus will emerge. In an effort to lessen the worldwide morbidity and mortality that such a strain will cause, public health experts from federal, state, and local agencies have developed state and local guidelines to prepare for the next influenza pandemic and its anticipated vaccine shortage and disruption of social and community services. This live, interactive satellite broadcast will update local, state, and national plans, describe the federal role in the case of pandemic influenza as well as provide recommendations for antiviral drug use and triage and infection control measures."

For more information on this course, visit the website of CDC's Public Health Training Network at:
Updates to the planning guide and general broadcast information will be made available on this website prior to July 13, 2000.

A guidebook titled "Pandemic Influenza: A Planning Guide for State and Local Officials (Draft 2.1)" will be the text for the course. To download this document online, go to:

To register or to receive information about course materials and continuing education credit, contact your State Immunization Coordinator. For a list of State Immunization Coordinators and their phone numbers, go to:

For a detailed list of additional upcoming immunization and hepatitis conferences and events, visit IAC's "Calendar of Events" at:

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July 10, 2000

A special satellite broadcast titled "Special Session for Public Health Workers about Influenza Control" has been scheduled for July 13. This new session will air between two previously scheduled pandemic broadcasts presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This new special session is set for 11:30 am to 12:30 pm ET and will address influenza surveillance, as well as new recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for influenza vaccination. According to a CDC flyer for the special session that has just recently been added, "a number of issues have arisen regarding influenza control for the upcoming season. Accordingly CDC has scheduled a national special session during which CDC immunization and influenza experts will be available to discuss these issues."

Presenters of the special session include:

  • William L. Atkinson, MD, MPH, Medical Epidemiologist, Training and Education Branch, Immunization Services Division (ISD), National Immunization Program (NIP), CDC; 
  • Keiji Fukuda, MD, MPH, Chief, Epidemiology Section, Influenza Branch, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC; and
  • Dean D. Mason, Chief, Program Support Branch, ISD, NIP, CDC.

The regular satellite broadcast session is titled "The next influenza pandemic: Not if, but when" and is offered by CDC as part of the annual "Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic" campaign.

Continuing Education Credit will not be offered for the recently scheduled special session.

To register or to receive information about course materials, contact your State Immunization Coordinator. For a list of State Immunization Coordinators and their phone numbers, go to:

Any additional questions about this broadcast? Contact Craig Wilkins at (404) 639-8799 or

For a detailed list of additional upcoming immunization and hepatitis conferences and events, visit IAC's "Calendar of Events" at:

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July 10, 2000

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has launched a new website to serve as a nationwide mechanism by which adverse events can be reported, analyzed, and made available to the public. In addition, the site will disseminate vaccine safety information for providers, parents, manufacturers, and others. Of special interest to providers is a Vaccine Safety Bibliography, which is generated monthly from the National Library of Medicine's SDILINE.

Sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), VAERS collects information about adverse events that occur after the administration of U.S.-licensed vaccines.

Visit VAERS online at:

Questions about the VAERS program can be directed to Edward E. Gaunt, PhD, at (800) 822-7967 or

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July 10, 2000

PKIDS (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases) now offers a free electronic research list and archive that highlights research articles on pediatric HBV, HBC, HIV, and other infectious diseases. 

PKIDS is a national parent advocacy organization, committed to protecting children against diseases that have lifelong effects on their health and development. For more information, visit PKIDS' website at

To subscribe to the research list, send a blank message to:

PKIDS' information archives can be accessed at:

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