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Issue 1,701: July 5, 2023
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Canada Day is celebrated July 1! Here’s a summary of vaccination information and advocacy in Canada.

O, Canada! In tribute to Canada’s 155th national anniversary, July 1, we are sharing select Canadian vaccination resources. Best wishes to all our vaccinating friends in Canada!

Expert committees:

Advocacy groups:

  • CANVax (Canadian Vaccination Evidence Resource and Exchange Centre) – Search through their library of resources (curated by the Canadian Public Health Association)
  • Immunize Canada—A national coalition of non-governmental, professional, health, government, and private sector organizations with a specific interest in promoting the understanding and use of vaccines recommended by NACI
  • Canadian Nurses Association

Helpful resources:

COVID-19 resources:

Government institutions:

“Disparities in COVID-19 Disease Incidence by Income and Vaccination Coverage—81 Communities, Los Angeles, California, July 2020–September 2021” published in MMWR

CDC published Disparities in COVID-19 Disease Incidence by Income and Vaccination Coverage—81 Communities, Los Angeles, California, July 2020–September 2021 in the June 30 issue of MMWR. A portion of the summary appears below.

In 81 communities in Los Angeles, California, COVID-19 incidence during two surges before vaccine availability (July 2020 and January 2021) was higher in lower-income communities compared with higher-income communities. During the first surge after vaccines became available (September 2021), a disparity in COVID-19 incidence between the highest- and lowest-income communities was not observed. The impact of vaccination on COVID-19 incidence was highest in the lowest-income communities despite their lower vaccination coverage. . . .

Addressing barriers to vaccination within lower-income communities is critical to reducing disparities in disease incidence and COVID-19–related illness in the United States.

Access the MMWR article in HTML or PDF.

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“Doses of DTaP Needed to Protect a Baby from Pertussis”: watch the 2-minute answer, part of the Ask the Experts Video Series on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram’s social media program highlights our educational resources for today’s vaccinators. This week, our featured episode from the Ask the Experts Video Series is Doses of DTaP Needed to Protect a Baby from Pertussis. This is available on our YouTube channel, along with our full collection of quick video answers to popular Ask the Experts questions.

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In this week's Spotlight, we summarize features at that help you quickly find the resources you need.

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Vaccines in the news

These recent articles convey the potential risks of vaccine-preventable diseases and the importance of vaccination. Pages and Handouts updates three "Questions and Answers" handouts recently updated three of its Questions and Answers: Diseases and Vaccines handouts with minimal edits, including a QR code, and updated URLs. Updated handouts include:

Related Links updates its “Ask the Experts: Hepatitis A” web page updated its Ask the Experts: Hepatitis A web page. Changes include updated statistics and refreshed content.'s Ask the Experts main page leads you to 30 distinct web pages on a variety of topics with more than 1,200 common or challenging questions and answers (Q&As) about vaccines and their administration.'s team of experts includes Kelly L. Moore, MD, MPH (team lead), Carolyn B. Bridges, MD, FACP, and Iyabode Beysolow, MD, MPH.

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Vaccine Information Statements updates seven Hepatitis B Vaccine Information Statement translations posted seven new translations for the Hepatitis B Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) issued on May 12, 2023.

All translations are available in print-ready PDF format.

Hepatitis B VIS (view in English):
Chinese - Simplified
Haitian Creole

Check the version dates of your office copies of newly updated translations. Translations of previous VIS versions should be discarded now that translations of the current versions are available.

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Featured Resources

Explore the website to increase coverage for the MenACWY booster and other adolescent vaccinations's website promotes the importance of adolescent vaccination, including the recommended MenACWY vaccine booster dose at age 16. Many teens are behind on vaccines because of the pandemic, so vaccine outreach is more important than ever.

Materials on this colorful website for healthcare professionals incorporate the 2020 ACIP meningococcal vaccine recommendations and coverage statistics from CDC’s National Immunization Survey–Teen (NIS–Teen). One particularly popular resource on the site is the updated Algorithm for MenACWY Immunization in Adolescents 11 through 18 Years of Age.

The website is divided into five easy-to-access sections:

The site also categorizes materials according to whether they are primarily of interest to providers, to adolescents, or to parents.

Visit and enjoy browsing (and deploying) its bountiful resources.

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Notable Publications

“Vaccine Effectiveness of JYNNEOS against Mpox Disease in the United States” published in New England Journal of Medicine

In the June 29 issue, New England Journal of Medicine published Vaccine Effectiveness of JYNNEOS against Mpox Disease in the United States. The conclusions section appears below.

In this study using nationwide EHR [electronic health record] data, patients with mpox were less likely to have received one or two doses of JYNNEOS vaccine than control patients. The findings suggest that JYNNEOS vaccine was effective in preventing mpox disease, and a two-dose series appeared to provide better protection.

Upcoming Events

Register for July 13 webinar! presents “Hepatitis B-Gone! Implementing universal adult screening and vaccination. Your practical questions answered.”

Anyone can be infected by hepatitis B virus. Everyone can benefit from knowing their status and being protected. For more than 30 years, hepatitis B vaccination has been recommended for all U.S. infants. In 2022, CDC recommended catch-up hepatitis B vaccination of all adults through age 59 years and older adults with risk factors or who want to be vaccinated. In 2023, CDC recommended one-time hepatitis B infection screening of all adults. Integrating these two important recommendations into clinical practice poses unique challenges for healthcare providers.

This live, 1-hour webinar, Hepatitis B-Gone! Implementing Universal Adult Screening and Vaccination. Your Practical Questions Answered., will be hosted by on July 13 at 3:00 p.m. (ET). Panelists will discuss the recommendations and your practical clinical questions about how to affect the policies in private and public healthcare settings. Widespread implementation of adult screening and catch-up vaccination brings within reach the goal of eliminating hepatitis B-related liver damage and cancer in the United States.

The panelists will be:

  • Carolyn Wester, MD, MPH, Director of CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis
  • Kelly Moore, MD, MPH, CEO of
  • L.J Tan, PhD, MS, Chief Policy and Partnership Officer of

Dr. Wester and Dr. Moore are coauthors of the ACIP hepatitis B vaccination policy statement and longstanding champions of hepatitis B elimination.

Register now to watch this important session and get your practical questions answered.

This webinar was developed by and was supported by Grant No. NH23IP922654 from CDC and an independent educational grant from VBI Vaccines. Its contents are solely the responsibility of and do not necessarily represent the official views of either CDC or VBI Vaccines.

For more upcoming events, visit our Calendar of Events.

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