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  • Documenting Vaccination

Why does CDC include 2D barcodes on Vaccine Information Statements (VISs)?

CDC began adding barcodes to VISs in 2012. The barcode is intended to save time and prevent documentation errors by allowing immunization providers to scan the name and edition date of the VIS, information required to be documented in the permanent record of immunization, into an electronic medical record, immunization information system, or other electronic database. Scanning the barcode instead of manually recording the information is optional but can be helpful.

Using 2D barcodes requires a 2D barcode scanner and software that is programmed to accept and process data contained in the VIS barcodes. Providers may continue to use any VISs without barcodes as long as the VIS content is otherwise the same. For more information about using barcodes, visit

Last reviewed: June 6, 2023

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