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  • Influenza
  • For Healthcare Personnel

What are the ACIP recommendations for influenza vaccination of health care professionals (HCP)?

Because HCP provide care to patients at high risk for complications of influenza, they should be considered a high-priority group for receiving vaccination. Achieving high rates of vaccination among HCP will protect staff and their patients, and reduce disease burden and healthcare costs. Vaccination rates of HCP are still too low; overall only 80% of HCP reported influenza vaccination during the 2021–22 season.

Influenza vaccination key points for HCP include:

  • All HCP should be educated regarding the benefits of influenza vaccination
  • Influenza vaccine should be administered annually to all eligible HCP
  • A signed declination should be obtained from HCP who decline influenza vaccination
  • Healthcare facilities should monitor HCP influenza vaccination coverage and declination at regular intervals
  • HCP vaccination coverage should be used as one measure of a patient-safety quality program

In 2011, ACIP published “Immunization of Health-Care Personnel,” which includes information about all recommended vaccines (see

Last reviewed: September 10, 2023

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