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We have a large quantity of vaccines, and space is always an issue. Since you cannot put vaccines in the vegetable bins, can we remove them and then put vaccines in that space?

Vaccines should not be stored in vegetable bins nor in the space occupied by vegetable bins of a household-style refrigerator. This area is commonly closer to the motor of the unit and the temperature is different from that in the body of the refrigerator. We recommend that you remove the vegetable bins and put bottles of water in that space to help maintain a constant temperature in your refrigerator. Vaccines should be placed in the center of the refrigerator, away from the walls and floor of the unit in open containers so air can circulate around the vaccines. If using the refrigerator section of a household-style combination refrigerator/freezer unit, you do not want the top storage shelf in the refrigerator to be too close to the vent that comes from the freezer because this can expose your vaccines to freezing temperatures.

Last reviewed: July 26, 2023

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