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Table 3: Postexposure management of healthcare personnel after occupational percutaneous and mucosal exposure to blood and body fluids, by healthcare personnel HepB vaccination and response status

Healthcare personnel status Postexposure testing Postexposure prophylaxis Postvaccination
Source patient
HCP testing
HBIG* Vaccination
Documented responder§ after
complete series
No action needed
Documented nonresponder
after 2 complete series
Positive/unknown Not indicated HBIG x2 separated
by 1 month
Negative No action needed
Response unknown after
complete series
Positive/unknown <10mIU/mL** HBIG x1 Initiate
Negative <10mIU/mL None
Any result >10mIU/mL No action needed
vaccinated or vaccine refusers
Positive/unknown —** HBIG x1 Complete
Negative None Complete

Abbreviations: HCP = health-care personnel; HBsAg = hepatitis B surface antigen; anti-HBs = antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen; HBIG = hepatitis B immune globulin.

* HBIG should be administered intramuscularly as soon as possible after exposure when indicated. The effectiveness of HBIG when administered >7 days after percutaneous, mucosal, or nonintact skin exposures is unknown. HBIG dosage is 0.06 mL/kg.

† Should be performed 1–2 months after the last dose of the HepB vaccine series (and 6 months after administration of HBIG to avoid detection of passively administered anti-HBs) using a quantitative method that allows detection of the protective concentration of anti-HBs (>10 mIU/mL).

§ A responder is defined as a person with anti-HBs >10 mIU/mL after 1 or more complete series of HepB vaccine.

¶ A nonresponder is defined as a person with anti-HBs <10 mIU/mL after 2 complete series of HepB vaccine.

** HCP who have anti-HBs <10mIU/mL, or who are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated, and sustain an exposure to a source patient who is HBsAg-positive or has unknown HBsAg status, should undergo baseline testing for HBV infection as soon as possible after exposure, and follow-up testing approximately 6 months later. Initial baseline tests consist of total anti-HBc; testing at approximately 6 months consists of HBsAg and total anti-HBc.

Source: This table from Prevention of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in the United States: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. MMWR 2018;67(RR-1): 18 www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/67/rr/pdfs/rr6701-H.pdf

Last reviewed: July 21, 2023

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