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  • Polio

Do adults 19 years and older who completed a polio vaccine primary series as children need to get a booster dose?

In June 2023, ACIP affirmed its longstanding recommendation that adults who received a primary series of trivalent OPV (tOPV) or IPV in any combination and who are at increased risk of poliovirus exposure may receive another dose of IPV. Available data do not indicate the need for more than a single lifetime booster dose with IPV for adults.

The following are examples of vaccinated adults at increased risk of exposure who may receive a single lifetime booster dose of IPV:

  • Travelers who are going to countries where polio is epidemic or endemic (see polio information for travelers at
  • Laboratory and healthcare workers who handle specimens that might contain polioviruses
  • Healthcare workers or other caregivers who have close contact with a person who could be infected with poliovirus
Last reviewed: July 23, 2023

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