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Can the parents of a young infant be given a dose of Tdap right after birth to protect themselves and, indirectly, their newborn from pertussis, even though they had a dose of Td vaccine less than two years ago?

Vaccination of the parents against pertussis after the baby is born is not optimal, but it may be helpful and should be done if the parents have not previously received Tdap, regardless of when they last received Td vaccination. It takes about 2 weeks after Tdap receipt for the parents to have protection against pertussis. Once the parents have protection, they are is less likely to transmit pertussis to the infant. However, the newborn remains at risk of contracting pertussis from others, including siblings, grandparents, and other caregivers. They should be counseled about the importance of Tdap vaccination of the mother during future pregnancies. See CDC’s web page for more information:

Last reviewed: March 31, 2022

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