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  • Meningococcal B
  • For People with Risk Factors

If you choose to give Trumenba brand MenB vaccine (MenB-FHbp) to a 16-year-old with HIV infection based on shared clinical decision-making, should you use the 2-dose (standard) schedule or the 3-dose (high-risk) schedule?

Either Trumenba (MenB-FHbp) or the Bexsero MenB vaccine brand (MenB-4C) may be used for people with HIV infection. If Trumenba is administered, the CDC meningococcal subject matter experts recommend that the 3-dose schedule should be used. People with HIV infection do not appear to be at higher risk for meningococcal serogroup B disease, but because of their HIV infection they might not respond to the vaccine as well, the 3-dose schedule is preferred. When Bexsero is used, the schedule is 2 doses, regardless of risk status. Booster doses of MenB are not recommended for people with HIV in the absence of another indication for MenB vaccination.

Last reviewed: July 15, 2023

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