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  • Hepatitis B
  • For Healthcare Personnel

Can a person with chronic HBV infection work in a healthcare setting?

Yes. HCP should not be discriminated against because of their hepatitis B status. All HCP should practice standard precautions, which are designed to prevent HBV transmission, both from patients to HCP and from HCP to patient. There is, however, one caveat concerning HBV-infected HCP. Those who have HBV levels 1000 IU/mL or 5000 genomic equivalents/mL or higher should not perform exposure-prone procedures (for example, gynecologic, cardiothoracic surgery) unless they have sought counsel from an expert review panel and been advised under what circumstances, if any, they may continue to perform these procedures. For more information on this issue, see “Updated CDC Recommendations for the Management of Hepatitis B Virus–Infected Health-Care Providers and Students,” MMWR, 2012; 61(RR03):1–12. This document is available at

Last reviewed: July 21, 2023

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