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  • Zoster (Shingles)
  • Vaccine Recommendations

Before administering Shingrix is it necessary to ask if the person has ever had chickenpox or shingles?

All immunocompetent people age 50 years or older-whether they have a history of chickenpox or shingles or not-should be given Shingrix unless they have a medical contraindication to vaccination. Among this population it is not necessary to ask about a history of chickenpox or to test for varicella antibody prior to or after giving the vaccine.

Among immunocompromised people age 19 years or older, evidence of a history of varicella illness or varicella vaccination (confirming the need for Shingrix as a result of a history of exposure to a live varicella virus, whether the wild or live-attenuated vaccine strain) IS recommended. Shingrix may be administered to an immunocompromised person who has had chickenpox or shingles or has previously been vaccinated with varicella vaccine or zoster vaccine live. See the Immunocompromised Adults section for additional information about partially-vaccinated immunocompromised adults with no history of chickenpox.

Last reviewed: March 9, 2022

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